HIDROELEKTRA is a civil engineering company established in 1946, with seat in Zagreb and is one of the most respectable civil engineering companies in Croatia.

CITY STADIUM AND SWIMMING POOLS, SPLIT, CROATIA 1978-1979 City stadium and swimming pools, Split, Croatia

address :
Capraška 6
10000 Zagreb,

telefon :
+385 1 27 52 500

telefax :
+385 1 27 52 590

e-mail :



  • Execution and design of road construction projects,
    hydraulic projects, projects for transportation and storage of power sources,
    industrial facilities and construction of public and residential buildings

  • Recovery of stone, gravel and sand

  • Building material production

  • Home and foreign trade business

For performance of such projects HIDROELEKTRA NISKOGRADNJA d.d. has access to all human resources required, equipment and plants and all other necessary resources.



  • Recovery of stone
  • Recovery of gravel, sand and clay
  • Lime production
  • Manufacture of concrete products for construction
  • Production of ready made concrete mixture
  • Production of mortar and plaster
  • Cutting, trimming and dressing of stone
  • Production of grinding products
  • Production of metal structures and parts
  • Production of metal joinery
  • Manufacture of mine, quarry and building machines
  • Manufacture of parts and accessories
    for motor vehicles
  • Construction site preliminary works
  • Demolition of building structures and earthworks
  • Trial boring of soil for construction
  • Construction of structures and parts of structures
  • Building construction and civil engineering construction
  • Building construction
  • Civil engineering construction
  • Roof structure erection and roofing works
  • Construction of roads, airports and sport facilities
  • Building of hydraulic structures
  • Other construction works (special execution and equipment)
  • Installation works
  • Electric installation works
  • Insulating works
  • Water, heating and cooling installations
  • Other installation works
  • Finishing construction works
  • Facade and plastering works
  • Joinery installation
  • Floor and wall lining
  • Painting and glazing works
  • Other finishing works
  • Rental of construction machinery
    and equipment with operators
  • Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles
  • Retail of motors fuels and lubricants
  • Trade agency
  • Wholesale of non-agricultural products and waste
  • Other wholesale
  • Retail in non-specialized shops
  • Retail in specialized shops
  • Campsites and camps
  • Other accommodation
  • Restaurants
  • Canteens (mess halls)
  • Other onshore passenger transport, regular
  • Road transport of goods (cargo)
  • Real estate management
  • Rent-a-car
  • Rental of other vehicles
  • Rental of other machinery and equipment
  • Production and sale of crushed stone and gravel
  • Erection of electric power plants voltage up to 20 KV
  • Production organization (know-how)
  • Foreign trade business within the activities
    registered in the country
  • Architectural and engineering activities
    and technical consulting
  • Quality control of work under execution
    and already completed; control services
  • Adult and other education
  • Preparation of parceling and other geodetic reports
    of land cadastre
  • Preparation of parceling and other geodetic reports
    of real estate cadastre
  • Preparation of geodetic reports of utility cadastre
    and technical management of utility cadastre
  • Preparation of separate geodetic documents
    for physical planning and construction design,
    for preparation of geodetic projects,
    for preparation of structure stake-out reports,
    for control geodetic surveying during construction
    and maintenance of structures
    (monitoring of possible displacements)
  • Preparation of layout plans for structures
    not requiring a geodetic project
  • Staking out of structures
  • Preparation of separate geodetic documents
    for protected areas