HIDROELEKTRA is a civil engineering company established in 1946, with seat in Zagreb and is one of the most respectable civil engineering companies in Croatia.

CITY STADIUM AND SWIMMING POOLS, SPLIT, CROATIA 1978-1979 City stadium and swimming pools, Split, Croatia

address :
Capraška 6
10000 Zagreb,

telefon :
+385 1 27 52 500

telefax :
+385 1 27 52 590

e-mail :




HIDROELEKTRA NISKOGRADNJA d.d. seeks employees for the following positions:


If you are interested and fulfill the requirements, bring your resume to our Human resources department at HIDROELEKTRA NISKOGRADNJA d.d., Radnička cesta 204 or send it to the e-mail address :



Your resume should include the following data:

  • Name and surname
  • Address of residence
  • Postal code
  • Town
  • State
  • Phone number
  • Mobile
  • E-mail address (if any)
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Position you are applying for
  • Work experience
    (starting from the most recent, list the following for each position:
    period of employment,
    name and address of employer,
    business activity of the employer,
    title of work position, and
    main work tasks)
  • Education
    (starting from the most relevant, list the following for each item:
    name and address of the education institution,
    scope of syllabus,
    acquired profession, degree of qualification)
  • Language proficiency
    mother tongue,
    foreign language (number of languages - reading (basic, average, excellent),
    writing (basic, average, excellent), speaking (basic, average, excellent)
  • Social skills
    (experience from life and work with other persons
    in positions requiring communication and team work.
    Describe the experience.)
  • Organizational skills
    (coordination and management of human resources,
    projects and means at workplace, as well as in non-profit organizations.
    Describe the experience.)
  • Technological knowledge and skills
    (use of PC, other machinery and special equipment.
    Describe the experience.)
  • Artistic skills
    (music, visual arts, writing, design)
  • Other knowledge and skills
    (not previously listed, but considered relevant)
  • Driving license
    - if you do not possess a driving license, please write "NO"
    - if you possess a valid driving license,
    please write the categories of vehicles for which the driver's license is issued